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            Dongguan Kinda Mold Parts Co., Ltd, as a leading manufacturer , aims to offering various range of press die components, plastic mold parts, and also many different machine parts to customer, like punches and dies, carbide punch, pilot punch, ejector pins and ejector sleeves, guide bushes, guide posts, ball cages, block sets, die springs, CNC machine parts, mechanical parts etc.        


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New Products

High precision punches with ejector pin simiar t
High precision solid tungsten carbide bushes with waste-protection, carbide die buttons with supper grinding surface
High precision punch with inner thread, customzied piercing punch & forming punch with TICN coating
High Precision forming punch similar to ISO 8020 precision punch,  customized piercing punch with cylindrical head
High Precision HSS steel hardned piercing die buttons, high quality forming die bushes with super surface
High Precision special piercing punch made in HSS material,  precision forming punch with inner thread and hole
High Precision oblong die buttons  with cylindrical head,  SKH51 steel hardened special oblong die bushes with TICN coating
High Precision special carbide piercing die bushes with cylindrical head, custom wire cutting solid carbide dies with key flat
High Precision special piercing punch with top roof shape, steel hardened forming punch with threa and hole
High Precision Dayton standard pilot punch with cylindrical head, precision carbide punch with steel head
High Precision DIN ISO Dayton standard punches with cylindrical head, ISO 8020 round precision punch with TIN coating